Pied-à-terre in the centre of Beaune

Charming one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor of a three-flight stone house located near the famous remparts de Beaune. The ceilings are 3.3 m high and have old oakwood beams, the floors are covered in Corton stone, the windows are double glazed. You access the apartment through the main building entrance with two different doors.
The front door opens onto a 22 m² room which has been divided into two rooms, as the actual owner uses this apartment as a therapy office. Very high ceilings, wooded beams, stone tiles from Corton, with its typical beige salmon color giving the rooms a warm feeling and two double glazed double pane windows. The first room is 16 m² and gives onto the second room which is 6m² and has a stone sink in one corner. It also gives onto the waiting room with a very large toilet (accessible to wheelchairs) and the second door.
From this main room, a few steps lead down to what used to be the cellar.
The doors to this old cellar have been made to look like a big barrel giving two quarter circle doors.
In the 33 m² cellar, the kitchen has been installed along one wall and leaves room for a sofa and a small table with chairs. This room has a window opening west onto the sidewalk of the street and a small light source from a window facing north.
After the kitchen, a toilet followed by a shower room with an atypical shower, almost triangular!
With a few modifications, this office could be transformed into a perfect pied-à-terre for wine lovers

Dit huis is te koop via Makelaar

Vraagprijs: € 149500

Oppervlak vastgoed: 30m2

Meer informatie zie website of bel 03 80 20 86 20

Geplaats door: FRANCE 4 U